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Green mad hattery

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Um now what to say.. um yeah im me I like all sorts of suff.. expecialy green.
i drive a few classic cars a 69 chevelle and a 91 honda civic and am a furry and such... all goood things that come with that.

other news and such well this journal is more or less a recap of whats going on with me or this that and the other things. Now that Im actively involved with the Airforce it should get more entertaining.
spemd alot of time around large Diesel Generators ranging from 30kw to 750kw 4160 volts.. and some bigger ones here and there. ITs a very electrifrying experience.

other background info im finalaly contimplating adding.

Lived in many many locations in such a short time. eh just all over the world cost to cost and almost every part of the us and a good bit of europe.. now im out in a island in the atlantic owned by porturgual

so ive been everywhere man smelt that moutain air man.

also have a college degree
hosted a radio show
co discover of a few fossile sites

other stuff you will just have to ask and find out.